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“Van Gogh Alive” certainly delivers on its promise to “fully immerse the viewer in a stunning and vivid world.” While the multiple self-portraits of a severe-looking van Gogh at various stages of his life make for an intimidating start to the show, the huge paintings with their strong and colorful subjects make sure the audience interact with the artist and his works in a new way.

The Saint-Peterburg Times


Van Gogh Alive – The Exhibition demonstrates that art and science can truly be combined, creating an experience like no other… a dynamic interplay of sensations.

Director, ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


If you’ve always admired van Gogh’s works, now’s the time to check them out – no, wait – walk right into his paintings!


Highly enjoyable… a rich, full-bodied van Gogh experience.

Miquel Benevidez, visitor


Immerses you in van Gogh’s world… on a scale never seen before!

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